The Question All Clients Ask

What do you say to a client who asks how many Reiki sessions that he or she will need before they are healed? I get this question all the time. I have been doing Reiki since 1993 and see clients in person as well as at a distance. I can understand that they might be concerned about the cost of several sessions, or the question might stem from them wanting to find quick relief from a particular ailment.

My answer usually is that without working on them that question cannot be answered. I tell them that Reiki works in its own way and depends a lot on how open and ready the client is to be healed and on how entrenched the illness is in their body. One Reiki session might be all that they need or they might need several sessions to resolve the issue. I tell them that each person responds differently. Each person may have lessons they need to learn as part of their healing.

One client, Ankit with glaucoma asked me the question. He wanted a quick fix. He had just lost his drivers license and wanted it back. I was very honest. I asked him how long had his eyesight been deteriorating. He said for 15 years. I told him he would need to be patient and be ready to receive Reiki for the long run. I explained that if it took his eyesight that long to slowly deteriorate, then he could not expect them to be completely healed overnight. I tell all my clients that I hold for the fastest healing possible. I want them not to need me. I want them to be healed.

I have been working on Ankit now for a year with a weekly Reiki session. At first it did not seem that much was happening on his end. I was feeling the energy pathways repairing. Then I began feeling these pathways in his eyes strengthening. At about the 4 month point he said he was seeing shadows in his peripheral vision where it was once blacked out. At about the 10 month point he noticed that his peripheral vision was increasing. Where the areas were shadows, the eye sight was returning. We are continuing his sessions. At about the 8 month point I felt the energy go from strengthen to restoring the physical. At that point I feel that healing will manifest in the physical but it is hard to determine the timing of when healing will take place. He has noted many other benefits of receiving Reiki this past year. His stress levels dropped and has had some insights along his healing journey.

The sad part is a lot of people will miss the opportunity and benefits of Reiki because they want that magic pill that will restore health immediately. What they do not understand is that the allopathic magic pills have their own side effects and only treat the symptoms instead of the cause. Reiki works on both the symptoms and the cause with little to no side effects. For those who do continue to receive Reiki on a regular basis, they may experience healing of their issues, and they might also find that less things bother them, that other ailments disappear, and they might have a deeper understanding of why the issue is in their lives along with what they can do to be a part of the healing process.

For clients that I work with that have eye issues, serious surgeries, cancers, and mystery illnesses, I find that with working with Reiki there is a cycle to the healing process. First there is Stage 1, the repair phase. I feel the Reiki energy that I am sending repairing energy pathways. In this process a lot of stress energy, toxic energy, and energy blocks are being cleared and then the energy pathways begin to be repaired. Since energy is the foundation of what we are, if the pathways are blocked, clogged, broken, diminished, then the energy cannot get to where it needs to go. So stage one is repair.

Stage 2 is strengthening the pathways. In stage 1 the energy pathways are repaired so that energy can flow again to all the nerves, organs, muscles, etc. in the body. In stage 2 I feel the Reiki is strengthening and building the energy that was once diminished. We go from operating on a quarter of a tank of energy to building the energy to full. When we have a full tank of energy, we can do more in life, feel good, and emotionally we stop worrying and find peace.

In Stage 3 I find that the energy shifts to restoring the area. An atmosphere that supports and creates changes on the physical level begins to occur. At this stage I feel big shift and know that we will soon see some physical manifestation of all the work that we have been doing. The client may see the restoration in several areas of their body, emotions, and mind. Small changes or big changes will be realized.

In Stage 4 healing happens. They are seeing the results that they wanted. Everyone is happy. Gratitude is flowing.

It is also important that our clients participate in their healing process as well. Some clients want to continue the reckless behaviors or keep their vibrational lowering though form habits while they have you the Reiki practitioner heal them. This slows the process or keeps them from moving past Stage 1. They feel a little bit better because they have energy flowing to them, but they cannot build on it because they are attached to keeping their old behaviors that put them where they are.

There is no time frame for each stage. A person can go through all the stages in one session and their issue is resolved. However, in most cases with illnesses or conditions that has been around for a long while, we are looking at a lengthier time frame. Each person’s circumstances are different and if a person is extremely ill, all of these stages might not be realized. One client that I worked with we could get to Stage 2 and then she would injury the area and we would be back at Stage 1 again.

For the Reiki practitioners out there asking how do I know what phase my clients are in, this is something that overtime and with working with a lot of clients, I have been able to distinguish subtleties. The differences that I notice are in how the energy feels and flows in each of the stages, which tells me what stage they are in and when a shift is about to occur. Client feedback of what they experience in each stage has also helped me to learn to differentiate between these phases as well.

So what is the answer to this question how many Reiki sessions am I going to need to feel better? It just depends on: your client’s willingness to participate in the healing process, on their body’s ability to repair, on how badly the client’s energetic system has been broken down, on their energetic, emotional and physical resilience, and other factors that we are not privy to.

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Reiki Master Dawn Fleming,