Sometimes Reiki is the Only Answer

With the marvels of modern medicine, you would think that there would be solutions to every disease, illness or ailment that humans can contract, but there are not. I have been working with Reiki for over 24 years and have had a lot of situations with clients where Reiki was the only thing that resolved their issues.

There are so many mysterious illnesses that send many people to the doctor. They have their blood analyzed and undergo many tests, yet the medical experts cannot quite put their finger on what is going on in their patient’s body. Sound familiar?

I have worked with many clients who were in car accidents. The medical world was very good in repairing their broken bones or helping to heal their wounds. However, within a few weeks or a couple of months, the client is experiencing auto immune type symptoms. They have weakened muscles, firing nerves or irritable bowel issues or all of these. My latest client went through visits to the emergency room, lots of blood tests and nerve testing without a diagnosis. He felt as if the doctors thought it was all in his head. Many times with people who have been in accidents, their energy field is very fragmented and just needs to be put back together with Reiki. Also I find that they are still holding the emotional energy of the accident in their body as well and I use Karuna Reiki® to release the energy blocks around the emotional issues surrounding the accident.  After three sessions, my client who had this mysterious nerve pain and muscle weakness, was able to resume his normal life and go back to the gym feeling stronger without pain.

There are some medical issues where nerves are inflamed and cause many problems such as in Bell’s Palsy or Sciatic nerve pain. The medical world in most cases has the patient ride it out or take a drug that reduces the inflammation hoping it will reduce the time the person is experiencing the condition. Reiki brings balance by unblocking the backed up energy impacting the nerves and creates calm. My husband and I were asked to do Reiki on someone diagnosed with Bell ’s Palsy. She had been diagnosed three days earlier and could not move the one side of her face.  The doctors did not offer any drugs and she was told that it could be one to three months before the condition would return to normal. She had a plane ticket for the next day and wanted to have more function in her face before going on the trip. We worked on her and within thirty minutes she could blink her eye and slightly move her mouth. We were all excited about what the Reiki energy did. The next morning, she had more movement. She was able to go on vacation. With further sessions upon her return, she was completely back to normal in less than three weeks.

Let’s look at eye issues. Once a patient is categorized as legally blind, the medical system does nothing more to work to restore a person’s vision. Reiki works very deeply on the energetic level and can unblock energy, restore diminished energy, and boost the energy to help any part of the body get a jump start on healing. I have found that if the eye has any eye sight at all, there is enough energy moving through the eye to be able to work with helping to restore balance and eyesight. One of my clients in his 70s lost his drivers license because he was considered legally blind from macular degeneration. The doctors said that is just the way it is; there is nothing more we can do for you. After several Reiki sessions, he was no longer legally blind. His eyesight improved enough where his drivers license was restored.

Many women are waiting later in life to start a family and a large percentage of women in their 30s or 40s seem to have problems getting pregnant. In some cases the doctors cannot even pinpoint why they are having fertility issues or label the situation as low hormones or a decline in egg production. They start them on hormones to prepare them to undergo IVF, a procedure that forces the ovaries to produce follicles that are then harvested, fertilized, and then placed back into the woman. This is very expensive and there is no guarantee it will work. With all of the cases I have worked on with Reiki, I see the how the energy in the reproductive center is out of balance and very well could be the cause for the fertility issues. Reiki can unblock the energy and restore the balance to a woman’s reproductive system. Reiki energy can also boost a woman’s energy if she is going through IUI or IVF. I am currently working with a woman who had been through two rounds of IVF with no luck. She had just turned 36. We began working in-between her second and third rounds. After the second Reiki session, she produced seven follicles. Her doctor was so excited. She is in the mist of the third IVF cycle and has asked for Reiki to support the entire process. We both are very hopeful for the success of this process.

Let’s talk about menopause. There is really no secret pill or surgery that can restore the physical and emotional balance that wreaks havoc in a woman’s body. The hormones are crashing and it makes the body feel as if it has no physical energy and creates terrible mood swings that are unbearable. When I was going through menopause, I prayed for a magic pill to make this all go away.  I turned to my Reiki toolbox and began using Karuna Reiki every day. It not only helped with all of the symptoms, it also helped me to focus on what I truly wanted to do and to manifest in this new phase of my life. Daily doses of Karuna Reiki allowed me to reflect on where I was and were I wanted to go. It was a marvelous calming gift that no drug could ever give me at this phase in my life.

One of my Reiki students was diagnosed with Lymphoma. She had a few enlarged nodes, which was how she noticed there was an issue. After blood work and being examined by the specialist, he said that they should just wait and see if the nodes got any bigger before doing anything about her situation. He checked her every six months. With her permission, I added her name to several online distant Reiki groups. She did Reiki daily and I was sending Reiki. She researched the right herbs to help support her body to heal and added those into her diet. Within two years, her body was healed without any prescription drugs or medical interventions.

My husband was diagnosed with reactive airways disease before we met when he was in his early 30s. His physical activity was very limited because he would get so winded. The only treatment the doctor offered was a prescription inhaler. The attitude was learn to live with it. We met and he discovered Reiki. After Reiki I, he began doing self-Reiki, not necessarily on his lungs but on his whole body. He also was introduced to Reiki shares, which he participated in on a monthly basis. Overtime, we both noticed that he rarely used his inhaler and he was able to go kayaking and do other activities that would have normally been too challenging for his breathing. We married and two years later he went to get life insurance. Since he had the reactive airways disease in his medical records, the insurance company asked that he go get a chest x-ray and breathing test so they could determine how bad it really was. The insurance company came back and said that the report showed that his lungs were cleared and there were no signs of any respiratory illness. We should have known he experienced a healing, based on all the things that he could now do without needing to stop and sit down.

During a Reiki share many years ago, one of my students brought her father to the share. He had just gotten out of the emergency room and was diagnosed as stage 4 liver cancer. That day they did a scan of his liver and had seen many cancerous tumors. Although the doctor did not offer any hope, he scheduled her father to see a specialist early the next week. At our Reiki share that night he received a group Reiki treatment. He did not know what Reiki was, but he knew that it made him feel good and he wanted more. He came over my house the next day for a Reiki session and another two days later. By the time he saw the specialist, he had received about six Reiki sessions for a variety of practitioners in our group. At his appointment, they did another liver scan. They saw that several of the tumors had disappeared in a very short amount of time. They were amazed. After his appointment his daughter talked to him about the prospect of him being healed. Truth be told, he said that he was ready to die. He was not willing to make the changes in his life that would be required for him to live peacefully. With that said, someone from our Reiki circle showed up at his house every day and gave him Reiki until he passed.

There are so many other situations where the medical arena does not have all the answers. If they cannot find what is wrong from observing the person, through tests, or lab work, many times a person becomes a medical mystery, and they continue to suffer with whatever the ailments are or they are given drugs, which makes them feel even worse. The answer just might be Reiki because the issue just might be caused by an energy imbalance. The only thing that can restore an energetic imbalance is energy work. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful form of energy work!

Dawn Fleming is an Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Life Coach