Reiki Question & Answers

Here are some typical questions that Reiki practitioners get from their clients and questions that practitioners have from doing Reiki along with how we have answered these questions. We understand that there are many ways to answer these questions. If you have a question that you want us to address, use our contact page to send the questions to us.

How do you explain Reiki to your clients or your potential clients?

First I explain that we energy in every cell in our body that helps to keep our body, mind and emotions in balance. When the energy is out of balance, blocked or diminished, the body begins to show indications of illness, depression, anxiety or feelings that we are stuck. Reiki is a form of energy healing (or you can say energy balancing) that works on the body’s energy centers and pathways to get the energy flowing to support our body to create health and well-being.

Another way to explain Reiki is to say that Reiki is an energy modality that helps to move the stress out of the body so that the body can find balance and heal.

How do you respond when your clients ask how many sessions that it will take to feel better?

I tell them that the I would have to work on them first to have an understanding of what is going on with their body. I also tell them that if they have had the condition for a long while, that Reiki can bring something into balance in one session or it may take several depending on how they integrate the energy from the session. See article.

How do I send distance Reiki to several people at once?

Use the distance symbol that you learned in Reiki II to open the connection for distance Reiki. Say each person’s name that you want to send Reiki to. Cup your hands and image that each person is shrunken down in your hands and send Reiki to all of them at the same time.

How long should I wait between classes before signing up for the next one?

Each person is different. Some people are ready quickly. Others need more time to integrate the attunements and information. Some students want time to practice what they learned. Teachers used to make students wait a certain amount of time before moving to the next level. I am finding now that these timeslines have been shortened compared to when I began Reiki is 1993. The bottom line is, it is up to the student. If you feel ready for the next level, you are ready. There are no requirements to take the classes in a prescribed amount of time. Go within and you will know when it is time. Do not let someone else tell you it is time.

How should I select my Reiki teacher?

I recommend that you either call or meet with teachers that you are considering studying with. Not everyone Reiki teacher teaches the same way or teaches the same things. Some teachers teach a class in one day while others may teach the same class over a few days. Before you ask them the questions below visit their website. You might be able to find some of the answers there.

Here are some questions that you might want to ask: How long have you been teaching Reiki? Do you do Reiki for a living or is this part time or a hobby? What will I learn in your Reiki I class (they should be able to give you the main topics)? How long will I have to wait between taking the different levels? Prices? As you speak with them, more questions might come up.

As a Reiki teacher, I know that I might not be that teacher for everyone. So I feel better if someone has spoken to me ahead of time so that we know if we are a good student/teacher match. See article on attributes of an excellent Reiki teacher.

How can I get grounded?

Different things work for different people so I will offer a few answers here.  Go outside sit on the earth, image that you are sending roots down into the earth from the base of your spine. Sit here for about 20 minutes. The earth will ground you.

Doing housework or gardening will ground anyone.

Move your body. Aerobics, working out, etc.

Yoga – Mountain Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Warrior Pose, Elephant Pose

There are so many types of Reiki is one type better than the other?

There is not one type of Reiki that is better than the other. Research the different types and see which one you resonate with. If you know someone that pratices the one you are interested in go have a session. Usui Reiki is the typical starting place but not the only starting place.

When should I start charging money and how much should I charge?

I recommend waiting until you have gotten a lot of experience first. That means you are working on anyone who will let you work on them for free or maybe they buy you lunch or make you cookies. The free sessions are a gift to you because they allow you to learn what Reiki can do, how it works, how the client might respond, how to talk to your clients about Reiki, how to handle your client’s tears and feedback, etc.  How much experience do you need? Possibly 100 sessions, 200 sessions. For myself, I did Reiki for free for two years. I learned a lot and in the process I grew a loyal paying clientele that gave me referrals.

The amount you charge depends on a lot of factors. What is your overhead? What are other people charging? What can you community afford to pay?

What might I expect after receiving a Reiki attunement?

People respond in a variety of ways after receiving a Reiki attunement. Some feel nothing at all. Others might see colors or feel connected to a family member that passed.  Other may feel an opening in their heart. Some may have tears and not know why. The attunement is a sacred personal experience and aligns your energy to faciliate the Reiki energy. Whether you experience something or you are not aware of experiencing anything, there is a deep inner shift unfolding. I felt nothing the day of my Reiki I attunement. The next day I had a lot of heat moving up my back and my neck. My body temperature from that day forward has run hot.

Can children learn Reiki?

Yes, children make the best students. For those under 12 years of age, you can find classes just for children. They are usually shorter classes with less lecture and more experiential. Children attuned to Reiki seem to be more centered and calm. For those 12 and older, in most cases they can attend an adult Reiki class.

How should I focus my mind when giving Reiki?

Place your attention under your hands. That will give your mind something to focus on and  you will learn in the process.

What is a healing crisis?

A healing crisis is when someone has a lot of blocked up energy or is very sick and after a Reiki session or a series of Reiki sessions close together, the recipient’s body reacts with stomach discord or cold like symptoms because the body is trying to release a lot of toxins at once. The Reiki or the attunement has unblocked the system and has gotten their energy to flow. A healing crisis is the body responding by releasing what has been stuck for a long while. The healing crisis usually does not last more than three days.