Reiki Mentoring

If you are interested in having your questions about Reiki answered or expanding what you know or practice to a deeper level, we have several Reiki Master Mentors with many years of experience working with clientele worldwide. Maybe you want advice on how to start or grow your Reiki practice or you have a particular situation that you want advice on how to use Reiki.

dawn photo


Reiki Master Dawn Fleming has over 30 years experience working as an energy healer. She started with chakra balancing in 1989 and moved into Reiki in 1993. She has taught over 2,000 students both Usui and Karuna Reiki. Dawn is a Medical Intuitive, Life Coach, Ordained Minister and Author. She has clients worldwide and mentors Reiki students who are ready to take their practice of Reiki to a deeper level.  Click here to find out more.