Ethics for Reiki Practitioners

Information is taken from the book Start, Grow, and Expand Your Holistic Health Business

Ethics can be defined as standards of conduct, moral judgments, or a system or code of morals of a particular person, group or profession. Making sure that you conduct yourself in an ethical manner is an integral part of your business.  In order to maintain or create a healthy successful holistic business, you must be ethical in all aspects of assisting your clients and in your business dealings as well.

Here are some ethical considerations for Reiki practitioners and educators to keep in mind:

  • Be honest about your certifications and qualifications. Have those certificates available for your clients or students to see if requested.
  • Educate your clients so that they understand the service that you provide and what they can expect from your modality.
  • Be sincere in your commitment to provide the highest quality of care.
  • Use good judgment and appropriate touch at all times.
  • Always maintain the confidentiality of what you discuss with your clients.
  • Always maintain a clean and orderly workspace.
  • When you encounter your clients in public, do not discuss the details of their treatment (this is not good for either of you).
  • Remember to practice good hygiene. Clients will be turned off by body odors or cooking odors, such as garlic or onion. Avoid wearing fragrance or perfume because many people have allergies even to the most mild of fragrances.
  • Empower your clients and students to be active in their healing process.
  • Never diagnose or prescribe and never recommend that a client change a prescribed treatment. You can share your impressions, but you can’t diagnose unless you are a doctor.
  • Encourage clients to seek professional conventional medical advice when you suspect that it would be useful.
  • Respect your clients’ and students’ views and religious/ spiritual paths.
  • Respect your clients’ right to end treatment or to seek another form of treatment.
  • Respect other disciplines and other practitioners and refrain from criticizing others. Encourage clients to seek information about the choices that they make.
  • Be respectful and sensitive about boundary issues and needs of clients and students.
  • Do not touch the breast or genital areas. During energy work, the client should remain clothed.
  • Do not apply pressure to clients or students to take classes. Encourage them to follow their own hearts’ calling as to when they’re ready to move forward. On the other hand, make sure that you feel that they are ready to advance before teaching them the higher levels of holistic health training.
  • Never abuse your authority or power. Remain mindful of your ego.
  • Be actively working on your own healing.
  • Support the holistic health community by promoting high standards of practice.
  • Conduct all business in a professional manner with honesty and integrity.
  • Do not engage with your clients in any sexual conduct or activities.
  • Respect your students’ right to seek other teachers.
  • Seek excellence by regularly assessing your strengths, limitations and effectiveness and by attending continuing education opportunities and training.
  • Practice what you preach!

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