Daily Practices that Create Success

Welcome to our Daily Practices that create success. Reiki practitions have shared what they do on a regular basis that keeps them moving in the flow of life. If you would like to share your daily practice, use our contact page to email us your practice.

Everyday when I’m driving, I turn on uplifting music or youtube videos to listen to positive inspiring speakers, usually Abraham Hicks. This gets my day started off right. Before opening the app, I focus on receiving the perfect message. As I feel energy flowing, I check in on my state of being to make sure I’m in a positive and assured place.  Once I confirm I am in that state, I focus on increasing the flow and directing it where I want it to go. If I’m not in a positive and assured place, I talk myself down and refocus on things that will get me into that state of being.
Halee Lynch

Every morning before I get out of bed I align in my I AM presence. I then feel myself as the energy of love. I breathe into this and meditate for 20 minutes. If I rush into my day I miss this and everything seems off. When I do this, my day goes very well and the things I need to do flow effortlessly. I also do self Reiki in bed before I fall asleep.
Dawn Fleming   http://www.energytransformations.org

I work with the elemental energies of my land.  I call in the quarters of the world, to create a sacred circle around my land. I live on 9 acres of desert and I imagine the entire acreage when I say this (facing each direction). In the dawn, I can see my fence line and again I imagine a sacred circle. Also, with each direction, I often think about it fully: for example, Earth in its fullness: the land, plants, trees and the nature spirits who are there. the same with Air (the breeze, wind and how it feels on my skin) , Fire (the warmth of the sun), Water (the feeling of rain, water, mist, fog). I’m very concrete with this plus thinking of the metaphysical properties of each direction. If I am away, say in a motel room, or staying with family, I imagine both my land and the place where I am, creating a sacred space at the new place also.


I first ground and center, relaxing and thinking only of these words:

Facing North: Element of North, Creature of Earth, I greet you this night in love and trust. Guard and protect me and mine as we sleep. (sometimes I will ask for something in particular or thank the earth elements for keeping me/us safe as we work in the yard)

Facing East: Element of East, creature of Air, I greet you this night in love and trust. Guard and protect me and mine as we sleep. (thank you for helping me communicate with my brides and grooms and getting a successful ceremony done)

Facing South: Element of South, Creature of Fire, I greet you this night in love and trust. Guard and protect me and mine as we sleep. (thank you for the warmth of the sun today, or my path in transformation)

Facing West: Element of West, Creature of Water, I greet you this night in love and trust.  Guard and protect me and mine as we sleep. (thank you for the rain today or help me with my emotions)

Gazing up: Lady Goddess, Lord God, Mother Gaia, Father Sky, I greet you this night in love and trust. Guard and protect me and mine as we sleep. (thank you for whatever blessings I got that day) Then I usually will sit in this space for a while, relaxing, requesting help with something or just being. when I’m done: I say thank you.

If I do this in the morning at dawn, I start facing the east and continue around to south, west and north. I would say: I greet you this dawn in love and trust.  Guard and protect me and mine as we go through our day.

I could do this at noon, starting in the South, or in the early evening, starting in the West.

This helps me to sleep or is a good start to my day. I feel at peace when I am connected to the energies in my little piece of the world.  I also feel safe where ever I am.

Kathy MacLeod, http://www.sierradesertceremonies.com/

My daily practice is about doing a few things that raise my vibration and avoiding things that lower it. In the morning I spend time in meditation or yoga. Throughout the day I am mindful of my thoughts, words and actions. I avoid indulging in negative or self-defeating thought processes. I may not be able to control my first thought, but I do have control of my second and third. I attempt to come from a place of love and compassion in all things. Coming from a place of compassion and love is the most important aspect of my energy practice that keeps my vibration strong and bright. I don’t speak negatively of people or myself, and I avoid people whose negative energy brings down my own. I avoid negative television or films because energy attracts energy of the same vibration. I eat a vegetarian diet, and avoid alcohol because if I am trying to find clarity numbing myself with alcohol is counter-productive. I’ve faced my issues and worked out my traumas from my past, and when new ones come up I face them and work it through. The closet must be cleared out of darkness if I am going to become the Light. I follow my spiritual guidance when it speaks to me, and I fully trust my intuition. Finally, I manage and maintain my energetic field including balancing my chakras, and keeping my field clear of negative energy and attachments.

Kevin Curran   Demons be Gone


It’s hard for me to choose just one daily practice for success.  I’ll share two of my favorites that have been very helpful.  One is stream of consciousness writing.  You just write a page or more of whatever words flow out without trying to make sense of them at all.  You don’t even need to ever read them again.  This helps me clear my mind and my creative channels.  It’s very liberating.  The other practice is so simple and I use it often – conscious breathing to clear my energy field and my mind.  When I inhale I imagine bringing Love, Light, oxygen and vitality into the core of my being.  When I exhale I imagine radiating that Love & Light out from my core expanding in all directions and clearing my field in the process.  As I do this I consciously relax my mind intending to let go of anything I was holding tight to.  I remember hearing a Shaman explain that every breath we take is a blessing.  We receive this beautiful blessing with each inhalation, and it is our responsibility to return the breath as a blessing with every exhalation.  I like that, it is my intention to be a blessing in this world.
Kerry Blank,   www.CatalinaAromatherapy.com

While it doesn’t look or feel exactly the same each day, the most important daily practice I have is connecting with Nature. Doing this reminds me that I am part of Nature and it is part of me. It reminds me that I am held by something indefinable that is infinitely larger than anything we can see, which is also within me and smaller than the smallest particle. There are so many ways to connect with Nature! Feel the breeze. Enjoy the warm sun. Let your heart feel the heart of an animal or insect. Even standing at a window and appreciating a thing of beauty is lovely. One of my favorite ways to connect is going out on my patio in the early morning to see the sun begin to rise while the stars and moon are still in the sky. I spend some time appreciating the plants, the trees, the animal prints left in my garden overnight. For those few moments, I remember we are all family. It isn’t possible every day, but it feels really amazing, like standing in the middle of all possibilities, filled with prayerful gratitude.

Angie Webster, Blog
I wake and ask or say
– How do I help,’how do I serve today?
– Remove all judgement & live in unconditional acceptance ( a continued release that
brings peace)
– Thank you….that everything always shows up for me that makes life fun & helps me
fulfill my purpose here (messages, signs, “stuff” )
– I make no decisions by my self today (The Course in Miracles)
– Kenyoku – clear the day (mentally and physically)
– Light incense to clear denser energy and connect to higher consciousness (sandlewood works best for me)