Attributes of an Excellent Reiki Teacher

The information below is from the book Teaching Workshops Effectively

A lot of the attributes listed below have been collected from various Reiki Masters and students. I have categorized it into two areas: words that describe personality traits or characteristics of excellent educators and words or phrases that describe attributes of how they teach.

Personality traits that make an excellent Reiki Teacher

Honest about his/her own abilities as well as about those of his/her students.

Loves and believes in what they teach.

Enthusiastic about what they are teaching.

Has a great sense of humor.


Friendly. Makes everyone feel welcomed and comfortable.

Respects many traditions, even the older, very traditional ones.

Listens – is a good listener and takes time to hear what students are saying.

Centered, calm, and present – their “presence” greatly affects the energy of the group and helps students to relax.

Curious by nature.

Humble and Compassionate.

Caring and Thoughtful.

Non judgmental. Honors differences of opinions and alternative points of view.


Intuitive and open minded.

Has a good memory.

Teaching attributes of an excellent Reiki Educator.

Sensitive to individual student’s needs and different teaching styles.

Encourages students to do their best and to trust and follow their hearts call for learning.

Manages time well. Starts on time. Ends on time. Provides adequate time for practice and to complete all requirements. Does not rush the process. Takes proper time to explain information fully and does not subscribe to quickie-classes.

Available to help students, yet has good boundaries in place.

Organized. Concise and able to stay on point.

Keeps students focused and not allowing them to take over.

Keeps their “stuff” out of the way. Works on their own issues.

Shares authentically from their life experiences to put “wisdom” into context. Shares the practical application from personal experience, which connects the class at the mind and heart levels.

They have that quality that places them squarely between earthly and ethereal, with one foot in each place.

Is inclusive. Welcomes and encourages everyone’s participation in discussion and sharing in a class setting.

Supports the local holistic community of students, practitioners, teachers and businesses.

Well versed in their respective teaching topics.

Has a healthy and professional appearance.

Good teaching skills/people skills.

Proficiently demonstrates skills to students in class.

Provides many opportunities for students to practice and demonstrate skills.

Provides concrete examples of how Reiki has made a difference.

Sets reasonable and practical expectations for students.

Can answer questions based on their experience instead of the book answer. .

Provides useful, professional handouts.

Can engage participants in the learning process – hold their attention, by presenting in a way that causes them to think in new ways, and facilitate dialogue about the subject.